Why choose us

Sometimes it is just better to get someone independent to give realistic advice and support. Yes, someone who is not too closely involved with the issue/s at hand or someone to give that extra support needed to keep things going.

You could be one of our happy costumers! Most of our customers were referred by already happy clients.

Because we are practical and flexible within best practice guidelines, HR Consult delivers in terms of your needs.

That’s why we are able to serve a broad range of clients. With almost 30 years of generalist HR experience, we are able to professionally tailor our services to you to meet your needs. HR Consult is dedicated to delivering the results that will benefit you or your business while protecting you from unnecessary risks.

We have the ability to deliver advice and services to clients ranging from small to medium enterprises, private companies to large multinational corporations as well as government organisations.

We collaborate and consult while we empower employers and individuals.

The feedback from our clients about our service delivery is:

  • Honesty, Transparency, Professionalism and Confidentiality
  • A committed HR professional who is on your side, who understands where we come from
  • Its like HR Consult is another member of our team
  • Customer focused, practical and timely support and advice
  • Increased confidence in decision making
  • Improved management capability
  • Employees stay longer
  • Realistic outcomes for all interventions
  • Improved engagement & employment branding
  • Reduced costs
  • Better processes & systems

So do not waste time. Contact us today.