Sourcing and Implementation of Recruitment System

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Across 2 District Health Boards.

Approximately 8000 employees and approximately 1500 hiring managers clients in elderly support facility that needed to be closed.

Main Required Outcomes:

  • To plan and scope the project together with key stakeholders from other organisation.
  • To evaluate the performance of current recruitment systems and to do a gap analysis that takes client needs into account.
  • To develop a list of key system criteria that takes client needs into account.
  • To evaluate other available systems in the market against the key criteria and to put the case to the executive leadership teams (ELTs) of both DHBs for or against change.
  • To shut the old systems down taking all legal and operational risk into account.
  • To implement the system approved by both ELTs.
  • To review, evaluate and report on the project implementation.

Level of participation:

Led the complete project and with the wider project team to support up to final implementation and project review when completed.

Outcome of the project:

  • Successfully implemented the project. All desired outcomes achieved.
  • All hiring managers were trained up for using the new system.
  • System is still being used by both DHBs