HR/ER & Work Relationship Advice & Support

Are you experiencing a problem at work?

As an employee:

Do you:

  • just need someone independent to talk to about your HR situation or problem, or
  • need someone to have a look at your Employment Agreement documents before you accept it, or
  • do you have a relationship problem at work, or
  • do you feel bullied or harrassed by someone at work, or
  • do you struggle to communicate with someone at work and you just need guidance to deal with the situation, or
  • maybe you are going through a formal performance management or disciplinary process and need representation for the process or support at the meetings, or
  • maybe you’re new in the field of HR and need some guidance on how to deal with a specific task at hand or personality type that you find difficult to deal with.

No worries, we will support and help you! Remember, it is important to deal with these kind of matters as early as possible else they could become more difficult to resolve. We guarantee that we will be in agreement with you on every step we take and we will be professional and confidential as much as the situation, and you, allows us to be.

We will also supply support over the phone and via Skype. So it does not matter where you are we can help.

As a manager or organisation:

We can support with anything in the field of HR.

Maybe, as a manager, you just need some guidance on how to approach that big change process, or maybe you need to do a disciplinary process that you are not sure off? Who knows it could be two staff members having personality clashes and you need some support on how to deal with the situation. It could even be that you just need someone independent to do that investigation that people in the business are too close to. Write a Job Description?

No worries, we are here to support and guide you through! Just give us a call.

We can also professionally assist with the following:

  • Assessment and appropriate re-engineering of current HR systems and processes.
  • Planning, developing/sourcing and implementing new HR systems and processes.
  • Create appropriate employment documentation.
  • Support with recruitment and assessment of candidates.
  • Do independent complaints and disciplinary investigations and exit interviews.
  • Develop and run staff satisfaction surveys and implement/facilitate subsequent interventions.
  • Write and review HR and Health and Safety policies.
  • Support with performance and remuneration review rounds.
  • Present capability improvement sessions.

Why choose us?

You could be one of our happy costumers! Most of our customers were referred by already happy clients.

Because we are practical and flexible within best practice guidelines, HR Consult delivers in terms of your needs.

That’s why we are able to serve such broad range of clients. Due to over 30 years of generalist HR experience we tailor our services to fit your needs. The HR Consult team is dedicated to delivering the results that will benefit your business.

We have the ability to deliver advice and services to clients ranging from small to medium enterprises, private companies to large multinational corporations and all government organisations within a variety of industries, from NZ and international manufacturing to sales and knowledge / consultancy firms.

The feedback from our clients about our service delivery is:

  • Honesty, Transparency and Confidentiality
  • A committed HR professional who is on your side, who understands where we come from
  • It’s like HR Consult is another member on our team
  • Customer focused, practical and timely support and advice
  • Increased confidence in decision making
  • Improved management capability
  • Employees stay longer
  • Realistic outcomes for all interventions
  • Improved engagement & employment branding
  • Reduced costs
  • Better processes & systems