HR, People, Change and Project Management

If you have an HR, People or Change project and lack the capacity to plan, implement or manage the project, look no further! Just give us a call and we will work closely with you to get things done as agreed within time-frames and agreed budgets.
We believe that open communication and timely action are the keys to successful project implementation.
We have expert knowledge of New Zealand employment legislation and how it relates to best practice people change principles. For professional service, give us a call.

HR & ER Advice

We can support with anything in the field of HR.

Maybe, as a manager, you just need some guidance on how to approach that big change process, or maybe you need to do a disciplinary process that you are not sure off? Who knows it could be two staff members having personality clashes and you need some support on how to deal with the situation. It could even be that you just need someone independent to do that investigation that people in the business are too close to. Write a Job Description?

No worries, we are here to support and guide you through! Just give us a call.


Independent Advice and Support

We will support you with any relationship problems you may experience at work! Remember, it is important to deal with these matters as early as possible else they tend to become more difficult to resolve. We guarantee that we will be in agreement with you on every step we take and we will be professional and confidential as much as the situation, and you, allows us to be.

We will also supply support over the phone and via Skype. So it does not matter where you are we can help.

Mentoring & Coaching

We would love to have the opportunity to build a relationship with you and to work with you to supply you with appropriate HR mentoring and coaching. Coaching could either be a one-off event or you can trust us to be your ongoing coach going along with you on your journey to develop your HR technical and HR management skills. It does not matter who you are.

We can fast track your development by coaching to your specific needs.

We can coach over Skype but prefer face to face meetings.




Senior HR Manager (Health Industry)

Main Required Outcome

Successfully implement a change process for a complex organisation

Client Feedback

The Consultant helped us to plan our change process (transferring a service to an external service provider). This included preparation of all documentation for us to review, during the planning, consultation, decision making and implementation stages of the process. The consultant professionally advised us on the preliminary impact analysis of the proposed changes on staff and financially. We were advised on best practice process to minimise our risk. Implementing the great pre-approved messaging and communication kept everyone in the loop on what was happening each step of the process. The consultant informed us of any issues as soon as they were picked up and we could deal with them immediately.

The change decisions were implemented within the planned time frames without any glitches.

Senior HR Manager (Health Industry)

Project planned and implemented


Group of carers and professional staff at rest home

Main Required Outcome

To facilitate a process of reconciliation between employees and management

Client Feedback

HR Consult helped us to get our hours back!

Yes, there was no consultation process when out hours was taken away and I asked HR Consult to help.

HR Consult wrote a letter to my employer explaining the situation, that employees did not want to cause trouble but that we feel our rights were being trampled on and that the employers were not dealing with us in good faith.

We got all our hours back! Thank you, HR Consult. It was a good ending to a horrible situation.

Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Carers (Rest Home)

My colleagues and I got all our hours back


City Council employee

Main Required Outcome

For the employee to retain their employment

Client Feedback

HR Consult supported me through my disciplinary process when I accidentally made a mistake. This mistake potentially could have tarnished the relationship between me and my employer. The likely outcome of this meeting would have been a final written warning that would have been on my file for months.

With excellent professional preparation, the meeting went really well and I was given a verbal warning. It could have been so different.

I tell you if it wasn’t for HR Consult and the professional representation they gave me, I would have had a final written warning on my file.

I am really happy that I chose HR Consult to help me.

Serious written warning avoided